Beltway Rob

An Insider. An Outsourcer.
Portman Puts D.C. First And Ohio Last.

Senator Rob Portman always prioritizes the Washington power brokers and wealthy special interests he serves at the expense of Ohio’s working families. He has been called the “ultimate insider,” a “dedicated outsourcer” of jobs – and a true friend to the K-Street lobbyist class. Use this website to find out why Beltway Rob is hurting Ohio’s working families, and why we can’t trust him to look out for us in the U.S. Senate.

Here’s what insiders, lobbyists, newspaper outlets and his fellow Republicans are saying about Beltway Rob

"The Ultimate Insider”
[National Journal, 5/12/12]
Republicans: Portman "better known among the GOP's movers and shakers than he is in some of Ohio's county seats."
[Cleveland Plain Dealer, Thomas Suddes, 1/24/16]
Republican officials: Portman "not spending enough time in his home state”
[National Journal, 6/30/15]
A "Longtime Status As A Washington Insider”
[Washington Post, 7/16/12]
A "Dedicated Outsourcer.”
[CQ Today, 3/17/05]
Portman "Has Never Met A Free Trade Agreement He Didn’t Like.”
[Columbus Dispatch, 7/11/10]
A “High-Powered Attorney And Lobbyist.”
[Roll Call, 9/9/02]
Corporate Lobbyist: "Portman’s Face Belongs On The Mount Rushmore Of The Financial Services Industry.”
[Institutional Investor Magazine, 7/1/01]
Insurance Executive: “If I Call [Portman] On An Issue Or Send Him A Note, I Swear To God He Responds To Me Quicker Than My Wife.”
[Cincinnati Enquirer, 5/26/15]
Portman’s “Rhetoric…Completely At Odds With His Strong Voting Record On Trade.”
[Cato Institute, 2/5/16]